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Letter: Semantics in politics shouldn’t be allowed

Chico Enterprise Record 10 Nov 2021
Oh Mr. Beadle; the use of semantics in politics should not be allowed ... I believe you own a dictionary as many of us elders still do? Look the word up; Roads, bridges, air ports, shipping and receiving.

Natural Niagara Falls

Buffalo Rising 25 Sep 2021
What makes this connection especially poignant at this time, is that ship, lost for centuries, has recently been discovered in Lake Michigan. Le Griffon was the first European-style sailing ship built, and lost, on the Great Lakes ... Biography – GAGNON, PHILÉAS – Volume XIV (1911-1920) – Dictionary of Canadian Biography (

Crossword blog: sail forth! Did a skimming Scottish stone really become a schooner?

The Observer 12 Jul 2021
Ship requires check-in before this (8) ... ship ] ... Is the other kind of schooner – the kind you might fill with a pilsner – named after the ship? No one knows. So how did the ship get its name? ... The word may look German, but it’s American, from the early 18th century (like the ship itself).

Walnut Creek group marks 40 years of promoting literacy in Philippines

East Bay Times 12 Jun 2021
Hundreds of children in East Bay schools have participated in field trips to pack books and other educational learning aids or have led fundraising events that pay for shipping ... access to books and educational materials; implementation of instruction by from age 5 to 10; and dictionaries.

Rotary clubs deliver dictionaries to schools

Lincoln Journal Star 08 May 2021
Cotton and representatives from Lincoln South Rotary, Lincoln East Rotary and Giving Spirits Rotary finally had their green light from Lincoln Public Schools, so Cotton jumped on the phone to Mary French, who runs The Dictionary Project, the people who print and ship a million dictionaries for Rotary to distribute.

Ask SAM: Do May Day and mayday have anything in common?

Winston-Salem Journal 01 May 2021
Q ... G.B. Answer. Friday is May 1, also known as May Day ... Beltane was combined with Floralia ... To answer the second part, we turned to Merriam-Webster, the dictionary people, for help. Mayday, the distress signal, is used primarily by airplane pilots and ships’ captains to declare a life-threating emergency ... Ships used Morse code and pilots used voice ... A Nov.

Solid economic advice for today

The Oneida Daily Dispatch 23 Apr 2021
First, launch the ship. Casting the bread upon the water is launching a ship. Simply launching a ship to buy and sell does not guarantee a profit but if the ship is not launched there will be no profit! God tells us to take risks ... Noah Webster completed his American Dictionary of the English Language at age 70. It is never too late to launch the ship!.

Putting The Family In The Christian Family Bookstore

The Pulse 15 Mar 2021
Local Business Spotlight is proudly supported by EPB and The Pulse ... The Christian Family Bookstore has survived and thrived for decades because of generational and community support ... Concordances, dictionaries, commentaries, atlases, timelines, gospel advocate and many more subjects can be shipped directly to you or picked up in person. .

Importers Link Essential Commodity Price Hike to Demurrage Charges

Foroyaa 01 Feb 2021
Demurrage, according to Merriam Webster dictionary, means a charge for detaining a ship, freight car, or truck ... They also told the committee that amid the COVID-19 pandemic, they have problems in importing and when it comes to shipping, most of the ports in the Far East of India and Pakistan, have to operate the way they were in pre-COVID-19 era.

2020: Looking back at how the COVID-19 pandemic controlled the year

ABC7 30 Dec 2020
NEW YORK -- On January 3, 2020, Dr ... "We have it totally under control," he said ... When WHO declared a pandemic on March 11, Merriam-Webster reported that searches soared 115,000 %, making "pandemic" the dictionary's word of the year. Schools and work went virtual, hospital ships prepared for patients and shoppers emptied shelves of toilet paper.

A brief introduction to ‘Star Wars’ knitwear

The Daily Dot 16 Nov 2020
After the title card, we returned to this Mon Calamari dock worker, who Din Djarin is paying to repair the ship ... In The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary, Maz Kanata’s page includes the footnote “Socks knitted by Maz herself.” And her ship, the Enoch Swift, potentially includes a more obscure reference to an item used to wind up hanks of yarn.

The Inventor of the Emoticon Tells All: ‘I’ve Created a Virus’

The Daily Beast 17 Jul 2020
It involved several physics questions ... “The reaction was ... Mid-morning on Sept ... .-) ... It was like these sailing ships discovering new islands, and suddenly all these islands have rats.”. In 1991, when The New Hacker’s Dictionary—an update of the informal programmer glossary known as the Jargon File—came out, it had an entry on emoticons, citing Fahlman ... .

Apple unveils iOS 14 and macOS Big Sur features for India, China and other international markets

Crunch 22 Jun 2020
iOS 14, which is rolling out to developers today and will reach general users later this year, introduces new bilingual dictionaries to support French and German; Indonesia and English; Japanese and Simplified Chinese; and Polish and English ... — will also ship with iPadOS 14.

Shipping Dictionary

ZDNet 19 Jun 2020
Shipping Dictionary is a handy reference of commonly used terms and acronyms for people involved in international trade or maritime... .

Pool: Postcards from my soixantine

Longview News-Journal 19 May 2020
Quarantine” comes from the Italian “quaranta giorno” meaning “40 days.” The term dates to 1377, when the Venetians, realizing the Black Death was spread by ships’ crews, started the practice of isolating sailors for 40 days ... Plague ship crews either recovered or died.